Retinol A Side Effects

retinol-a-side-effectsIt’s important you fully understand the potential retinol A side effects before you start using products that contain this ingredient. I will discuss a few of the side effects below which have been associated with the non-prescription strengths of retinol A:

Increased sensitivity to the sun
While using retinol A products one of the most important things you need to do is wear a good sunscreen. It’s often advised to wear one daily. In order to simplify the process, many retinol cream products include a SPF 15, 25, or 30 sunscreen in them, however not all of them do so check the label carefully. Even after all other side effects go away, it’s important to continue using UV protection as long as you’re using retinol.

Tingling or mild stinging while applying
During the first few weeks or sometimes even months of retinol A treatment, one of the side effects you may encounter is a slight tingling or mild stinging when the product is applied. Usually this goes away after a few minutes.

Itchiness and flaking
This retinol A side effect generally only happens with products that use higher concentrations of it. If it does occur, during the first few weeks (while your skin adjusts to the retinol) there may be irritation or itchiness. Sometimes mild flaking will be present. For me personally, I don’t experience these side effects at all while using mild to moderate strengths. With the strongest concentrations I did experience some very mild flaking, but it stopped after a few weeks.

Tips for dealing with retinol A side effects
Washing your face with a very mild cleanser instead of a strong soap is generally recommended. As mentioned, sunscreen will not only help protect your skin from UV damage, but it will also help protect against excess swelling and redness which sun exposure can cause. The best retinol skin cream will also contain nourishing moisturizers to help sooth any irritation which might occur. For questions about these skin symptoms, you should always ask a dermatologist for professional advice.

Are retinol A side effects worth it?
Formulations of retinol have been proven to even out skin tone and reduce wrinkles. In fact, it is arguably the best anti aging skincare treatment in existence. So you tell me… are the possible retinol A side effects worth it? Personally speaking, even during the first few weeks they were barely noticeable and didn’t bother me. Fortunately, they went away rather quickly and I’m not enjoying more beautiful skin than ever thanks to my retinol face cream!