What is the best retinol A cream?

best retinol a creamThere are so many different retinol A products on the market today and they all claim to be the best. So how can you absolutely know which ones actually work, which ones are scams, and which one is the best?

Well first of all, the fact that you are looking for retinol products is a great first step. Unlike many so called anti-aging treatments on the market, this is one that has been consistently proven to be effective by everyone from laboratories to educational institutes. So there’s really no question as to whether or not this is an effective method for anti-aging. But to get the best results, it’s important to use retinol products with adequate concentrations.



Before we discuss concentrations, it’s important to make note of the importance of using a sunscreen with it. Retinol increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sunlight. So anywhere you are applying it needs to be protected with sunscreen. It’s recommend that an SPF of at least 15 or 30 be used everyday. But even if you’re not using this powerful wrinkle fighter, you should be doing this anyway. Why? Well, because more and more research has pointed to sun exposure as contributing to aging. Not even tanning salons are safe, and the government recently concluded and announced this finding in July 2009. So if you are looking for that sun-kissed glow, turn to a spray tan or lotion rather than exposing your skin to UV rays… especially if you are using retinol A.

Now back to the cream, which one is best? Well, my take on it is why bother with the hassle of Retin-A or Renova when there are dozens of over-the-counter formulas out there which are also great?

Many people make the false assumption that they should automatically start with the prescription version since it’s strongest. Nothing could be further from the truth! Why? Because your face needs quite a time to get use to retinol; several weeks or even several months. This is why many dermatologists recommend starting with an OTC formulation instead and staying on that for a while. Some skip this step because they think they can be an exemption, but the truth is that nearly everyone on the prescription strength will experience excessive peeling, irritation, and even pain no matter how “tough” of a person they are. In addition, because it’s a cosmetic treatment, insurance doesn’t cover it so you will have to pay it out of pocket.

So what are the best retinol A creams you can buy without a prescription? Luckily there are several to choose from which are all high quality. Loreal manufacturers a version called Pro-Retinol A and this is also used in their Advance Revitalift series. SkinMedica Retinol Complex is another popular option. DDF has several products out on the market which use it as an active ingredient. Another favorite of dermatologists is a line made by a company called Skinceuticals. However it’s best retinol creams are different for different skin types, so be sure and make an informed decision.